About us


We started this company for two simple reasons.

1.) We were unable to find high quality and durable leggings for a reasonable price

2.) We were unable to find these high quality leggings with fun and vibrant designs anywhere. 

So we decided to solve these problems ourselves. Hence the birth of IOGA Activewear. 

IOGA Activewear is a brand created to provide the highest quality combined with high-end fitness wear. With trendy and stunning prints for active woman of all ages. Our clothes are manufactured in Brazil with a synthetic fiber made of Polyamide. This fabric is very tear-proof and abrasion-resistant. Our leggings are also stretchy and crease-free. Polyamide has the highest resistance of all textile raw materials (also when wet), and is extremely flexible, dries very fast and does not fade or shrink.

Our clothes are made for women who love sports but also like to be comfortable while looking empowering, stylish, sexy and beautiful. We are committed to provide the best service.
Our goal is to dress your body and inspire your soul.