About IOGA Activewear

Our Story:

Thairine Tiwari founded IOGA Active Wear in 2016. She was inspired by her yoga practice and yogis community. She found that it was difficult to find yoga pants that were light and efficient enough to endure an entire hot yoga class. During her travels to Brazil, where the weather is super-hot and humid, she discovered the perfect fabric for her hot yoga practices. She tested many leggings, tops and shorts styles and after many adjustments to them, she designed and launched the first IOGA Active Wear collection to be sold here, in Louisville, KY.

In less than a year, Thairine has built a very recognizable apparel brand and has partners with local boutiques to sell her collection.  

In 2021, Cristina Bueno (mama 2x) partnered with Thairine (mama 1x), mostly due to their shared interests and because she also loves the IOGA Active wear collection. Cris believes that  teamwork always works better.

Thairine Tiwari and Cris Bueno love to be active and to be around friends and their goal is to reflect the Brazilian happiness and tropical beauty into the collections.

We’ll offer YOU amazing products that you will relate and love!

Together we are empowered to grow our brand. We will embrace every feedback and suggestion we receive from our clients and grow our collection to the best it can be!



Our mission:

More than just a fashion active wear brand, we want to inspire YOU to have a more active & colorful lifestyle.

Our prints bring movement and a fun mix of colors that will catch everyone's attention.

Our goal is not only to DRESS your body, but to INSPIRE your soul.