Run Rox, Run!!!

Meet Roxana Dicken, this fun, SMART and active woman that will inspire you to MOVE!

Roxana is a dear friend and one that I admire a lot! First, she is so kind, polite and beautiful inside and out. Second, I am pretty sure this girl has some super powers!

Growing up she faced a lot of health issues, but she managed to turn them around and live a super active life with an incredible mindset.

Right at the beginning of our conversation, Rox shared about her challenges in early childhood: “ When I was born I was a very sick baby. My mom used to take me to the doctors all the time. It was upsetting for me, that feeling of being in bed all the time, and not going to school because of it. I really wanted to be outside, run with my friends and play with them but because of my situation I couldn’t.”

Although Rox had her limitations, she always liked to be active and later on she was invited by one of her teachers to join a running team in school, but at the time her parents worried about her education. They wanted her education to be a priority, so she decided to focus on her studies.

When she moved to the United States at 31 years old, she was inspired by how active her community was. She wanted to live an active lifestyle, and she felt now was the opportunity to do it! But once again destiny played its tricks. She had a major surgery and was unable to walk for a while.

Her doctor really pushed her to keep being active to help her recovery. And so she did! After she recovered from surgery, she decided to invest in some good tennis shoes and running accessories. She signed up for a mini marathon to motivate herself. And guess what happened? She finished her first half-marathon in an incredible 1h and 37min. Yes, this woman is PRETTY FAST! Even though she had faced all the challenges, she still managed to achieve her goal and do the best she could possibly do.

What's her secret?: “Mindset!". She says: "Exercise is mostly in your mind. It is 80% mental and 20% physical”. She had no idea whether her time was any good. Her friends started telling her it was an amazing achievement since majority of runners finish after 2 hours. She was really proud of herself and excited because she realized her passion for running. She wanted to do it every day, just for the joy of it. She didn’t want to sign up for races consistently though; she just wanted to run and move, every single day!

Rox's friends refused to let her talents go to waste. They motivated her to sign up for ironman races and triathlons, and she did it! She finished her first half iron-man in a great time and soon after she also finished the Derby marathon, which qualified her for the Boston marathon. 

Once again Rox faced another challenge. She was hit by a car while riding her bike. She was unable to move and in terrible pain for 3 months. Due to her injuries and fractures, she thought she would never be able to run fast again.

“You have to be resilient when you have an accident, I understand that. I loved exercising but I needed to let my body heal."

Rox truly believes we should listen to our body and respect it. She understood that life has its ups & downs. Even in the event of not being able to run again, she was sure she would find something else to keep her moving and active.

“Exercise for me is about keeping yourself active and positive with whatever you have. Some people have the gift to be super strong, some are strong runners, some are good swimmers and some have so many physical limitations but still can do it all. Everyone is blessed in their own unique way and you should find that gift within you. Utilize whatever you have or whatever life gives you.”

Rox was fortunately able to heal in time and make it to the Boston Marathon. To this day, she calls that her greatest challenge.

“Boston marathon is a very difficult race. It can be freezing or raining and the terrain is very unforgiving. Your mind plays a big role in it. All I could do was prepare my body and mostly my mind. I was positive that nothing could stop me”

Rox finished the Boston Marathon in 3h and 18minutes. She was in so much physical pain, but she reinforces that the most challenging and important thing is to have a great mindset, and she sure has one!

We hope Rox’s story has inspired you to get out there and MOVE! As she said, find your blessing, find what you like and be active! The healthy benefits are immeasurable and we are all capable and deserving of great things!


Thank YOU Rox to share your story with Us! 

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